Countries’ Name with their fame

February 20, 2021


Land of Rising Sun : Japan
Land of Midnight Sun : Norway
Land of White Elephants : Thailand
Land of Thousand Lakes : Finland
Land of Golden fiber : Bangladesh
Land of Five rivers : Punjab (Pakistan)
City of Dead : Moenjodaro (Pakistan)
City of palaces : Calcutta (India)
City of Bazars : Cairo (Egypt)
City of Roses and Nightingales : Shiraz (Iran)
City of Popes : Rome (Italy)
City of Lights : Paris (France)
City of Eagles : Sargodha (Pakistan)
City of Mosques : Dhaka (Bangladesh)
City of Saints : Multan (Pakistan)
City of Lilies: Florence (Italy)
City of Water : Venice (Italy)
City of Angels : Bangkok (Thailand)
Dark Continent : Africa
Father of waters : The Mississippi River (USA)
Holy Land : Palestine
Isle of Pearls : Bahrain
Isle of Death : Kahoolawe ( Hawai,USA)
Island Continent : Australia
Key to Mediterranean sea : Gibraltar (Europe)
Manchester of the Orient : Osaka (Japan)
Manchester of Pakistan : Faisalabad (Pakistan)
Paradise on earth : Kashmir Valley
Gift of the Nile : Egypt
Land of morning calm : Korea
Land of kangroos : Australia
Land of maple leaf : Canada
Land of silver fiber : Pakistan
Land of milk and honey : Lebanon
Land of deserts : Africa
Queen of Arabian Sea : Distinctive name of Kochi (India)
Queen of the Adriatic : Venice
Quaker city : Distinctive name of Philadelphia
Pyramid city : Cairo (Egypt)
Little Pakistan : Bradford (England)
Brasilia of Pakistan : Islamabad
Lion city : Singapore
Land of cakes : scotland
Switzerland of Africa : Swaziland
Land of Fertile fields : Algeria
City of Conferences : Geneva
City of Arabian Night : Baghdad
The Modern Babylon : London
The saw Mill o Europe : sweden
Sorrow of China : River Hwang Ho ( chinese river)
Roof of the world : Pamir mountain range (Tibet)
Crossroads of western Europe : Belgium
Mother- in- Law of Europe : Denmark
Buffer state of Asia : Afghanistan
Land of mountains : Nepal
Land of Golden Fiber : Bangladesh

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