We should Fear From God

May 2, 2020

Nadeem- “Beware, the camera is watching you” is a sentence we read every where in malls, stores and shops, and this is for security reasons obviously. But my perspective is different, people should fear form Allah Almighty instead of camera. We should be aware of “God’s Attribution that He is watch is to the end that we may scare from sinning” written by Jallaudin Rumi and Translated by Dr. Nicholson. God says Himself that He is watching us to every limit we know so that it may spook us from evil doings. This is the reality we are not frightened from doing bad we don’t forebear from sinning.

My opinion is that we must fear from God and keep His this Attribute in mind every time in every activity we do. This is the real way we may become the sin free society. God is every where, He knows us, He watches us, He Hears and listens our words, He knows what is in our hearts, What is in our planning , Our secrets and every thing of this world. Then why people don’t feel stammer from evil doing why people don’t refrain from evil plotting against others? Why people are not afraid of evil doings. Our deeds will be shown to us on the day of Judgement where every one is watch is, today may be we hide or bad deeds bur at that time every one will know it. So what will be the mortification we will feel at that time! is the question we should ask from our selves. In this way we will be able to refrain from sinning.

Last words, no doubt camera is watching us but remember Allah is also watching us and He knows everything about us, we should feel fear from Him.

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