Nick Jonas knew Priyanka Chopra was ‘‘the one’’

April 29, 2020

 Nadeem- The globally well known “celebrity couple” of Nick Jons and Priyanka Chopra have riding up a massive fan base for themselves ever since they got married.

The Voice judge, recently opened up about his wife Priyanka during an interview on a Variety Talk Show by The Kelly Clarkson , detailing how he realized she was ‘the only one.’

“It is such a long story,” he began. “I will tell it. So basically, we were told by a mutual friend that we should meet. He said I will connect you guys. He never did. I got impatient so I direct messaged her on Twitter. She responded. We talked back and forth about a year on text. Then we finally met in person. It wasn’t really a date. We just met in person and went for a drink.”

He further reveled how it took him an additional year to go out on a proper date with her as he had been occupied with Kingdom and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle while she was engaged with Quantico and Baywatch. “Then about a year later we went on our first official date to The Hollywood Bowl to see Beauty and the Beast Live. Just recently we played there to end the first leg of the tour and she sat two boxes away from where we sat on our first date. It was very cool.”

Addressing the criticism they got after they officially started dating in 2018, Nick said: “Mind your own business.” “When you know you know. “We heard that pretty much from everybody once we told people we were engaged. It was kind of magical. Within eight, nine weeks, we were talking about marriage. Within 10, 11 weeks we were engaged. We got married December last year.”

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